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Portland Oregon
United States

541 531 0952

I am a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor's of Architecture degree and a Minor in Art with an emphasis on fine art printing and graphic design.  My architectural background has provided me with educational and professional experience in sustainable architectural design, marketing and development and graphic design. I am particularly fascinated in the art of athleticism and the representation of kinetic movements in a range of mixed media exploration. 


The 1970s era of basketball is an enigmatic one. Hate it or love it — it’s arguably when the NBA entered the modern age. Past the infancy of the league through the 60s and prior to the dominating forces of the 80s — the 70s was a tumultuous time for both basketball and American Culture. Eight different teams took home the championship in 10 years. The dynasty days were coming, but the 70s was a decade of basketball parity, it was anybody’s game. The American Basketball Association folded, and with it some of the greatest players to ever play the game took center stage.

Titans of the court emerged: Earl the Pearl and the Rolls Royce backcourt. Dr. J. Kareem and the sweeping skyhook. Pistol Pete donned his floppy gray socks. The Blazers had a parade.

Fundamentals is an homage to that era. The hair, the socks, the shorts, the finesse. There is a greatness to it, a foundational tone for what was to come.

Fundamentals is a collection of works that represent that foundation through hand carved wood, ceramics, and ink. Fundamentals is a show about basketball, about history and nostalgia. It’s the feeling of an old gymnasium — an ode to yestersport.

For the love of the game.